Pastoral Appreciation

  • We should value our Pastors and show appreciation.
  • We also encourage our congregation to give instead of just taking from their pastors.
  • There are many ways to appreciate a pastor. We do not have to do the same thing every year.


  • Flora, Dorthy and TaraM organized.



  • love offering split evenly among staff
  • Made additional boxes for putting your appreciation cards into
  • pastor2012.psd ← make sure you save it with a psd extension.

Improvements from 2012

  • Board should go for lunch with Pastors after each service. We had board meetings and deacon election stuff after some of the services. Plan better.



  • September is a good month
    • collect a special love offering that will be split between the pastors on the 1st week of the month.
    • schedule each week to be for a different Pastor
    • On their week, they should not preach
      1. intro from a deacon
      2. show video
      3. have people come up to give testimonies
        • open mic but have some “arranged”
      4. pray for them and their family
      5. encourage congregation to fill out “love cards”
        • love cards should be distributed for the entire month
        • bring the box (should be in the church office)
  • Give love offering and love cards to Pastors at the end of the employee evaluation in October.
    • make sure you filter love cards to make sure all the messages are encouraging.

Love Cards

← click twice to enlarge.

Improvements 2011

  • Pastors like it.
  • Love offering was appreciated.
  • Video / testimonies are excessive, not nessessary. Don't do this next year.
    • Maybe just a few testimonies.
  • Pastors like love cards.
  • Chinese side seniors don't think the love offering is needed yearly.
    • Maybe no special offering collection / announcement
    • Maybe just make it part of the love box.
    • Just do an announcement in the bulliten.
  • Needs to be encouraging. That's the main point.
  • Form a committee. It is better coming from the congregation than from the board.

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