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Touch Life Cell Leadership Resources


  1. Intentional Community
    1. Relationship building
    2. Fellowship
    3. Runs through everything
      1. Be together
      2. Learn together
      3. Grow together
  2. Growth (in numbers)
    1. The cell should split

Planning / Admin

Forming a Committee

Forming a group






What's the point of having purposes if you don't evaluate if you are fulfilling your purposes?

Fulfilling your purpose of building community

Remember to build community, time must be spent together connecting.

Fulfilling your purpose of growth

To grow, you need:

Events we had

8 Key Habits

The eight habits can take a small-group leader, and those under him or her, to a new level. Whether an apprentice leader, a novice small-group leader, a seasoned leader, a coach of group leaders, a director of a district of groups, or a pastor of a large small-group ministry, these eight habits will work and lead to fruitfulness and multiplication. You'll also experience greater fulfillment in your ministry.

The eight habits of effective small-group leaders are:

  1. Dream of leading a healthy, growing, multiplying group.
  2. Pray for group members daily.
  3. Invite new people to visit the group weekly.
  4. Contact group members regularly.
  5. Prepare for the group meeting.
  6. Mentor an apprentice leader.
  7. Plan group fellowship activities.
  8. Be committed to personal growth.

To learn more about these eight habits, see the book 8 Habits of Effective Small Group Leaders, Dave Earley

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